Terms of Use

This column is a quick guide to Spiir's terms of use. The guide is not part of the terms itself.

Last updated July 2020


  • The terms of use apply to all Spiir’s services (Web and App). To use Spiir’s services, you must accept the terms of use.

  • You must be over 13 years old to use Spiir's services.

1. In General

1.1 Spiir (spiir.dk) is an online consumer service owned and operated by Spiir A/S, CVR no. 33509006, with registered address at Mejlgade 48B, 2nd th., DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.

1.2 The Terms of Use apply to all services provided by Spiir, including the Spiir web service (hereinafter "the Web") and Spiir's app (hereinafter "the App") (collectively "Service").

1.3 It is a condition for using Spiir’s Service that you accept the Terms of Use. If not, you cannot use Spiir’s Service.

1.4 Spiir’s Service may only be used by individuals who are 13 years of age or older.

1.5 For information on how Spiir processes your personal data, please refer to Spiir’s Spiir’s Privacy Policy.



  • Your user profile is personal.

  • You can provide Spiir with more information about yourself to get the most out of the services.

  • Your password is personal and confidential.

2. Creating a profile

2.1 To use Spiir’s Service, you must create a profile. Creating a profile requires you to enter your email address and a password. The profile you create is for your own personal use.

2.2 To fully utilize all Spiir's features, you can provide additional information about yourself, such as postcode, number of people in your household, age, gender, etc.

2.3 When creating a profile with Spiir, you must enter a personal password, which should be treated confidentially at all times. You must never make your password available to others.

3. Security


  • Spiir complies with strict security requirements.

3.1 Our security

Spiir always adheres to the following security requirements:

  • All data communicated back and forth between Spiir and your device is encrypted. Therefore, it is not possible for third parties to access the content of the data flow between you and Spiir.
  • Spiir's employees never access your specific transaction information without your consent. This may, for example, be if you need support.
  • Only certain authorized employees at Spiir have access to production data without consent for the purpose of ensuring data quality and troubleshooting.
  • All employees with Spiir undergo a background check prior to appointment.
  • Spiir logs and, among other things, registers from which IP addresses your profile is accessed, and we also detect any failed attempts to log on to your profile.
  • Spiir uses third party scanning of the parts of Spiir’s Service being hosted by Spiir. Spiir uses an external security company, which daily scans Spiir’s Service for any security breaches. If the security company finds serious security breaches, Spiir will be notified of these and subsequently have a short time to address these.



  • You should have a high security standard when using Spiir.

  • If you experience or suspect abuse, contact Spiir immediately, for example at support@spiir.dk.

3.2 Your security



3.2.1 You are responsible for keeping your password confidential. In case of abuse or suspicion of abuse of your password, you must inform Spiir immediately by contacting the above address or contact us at support@spiir.dk. If Spiir suspects abuse of your profile, we can always block your profile. In these situations, Spiir is not liable to you or any third party.


Spiir recommends that you as a user maintain a high security standard. You should:

  • Make sure your password is always sufficiently secure. The password should among other things contain special characters.
  • Always make sure you log out when you have finished using the Web, especially if you have used a public computer.
  • Create a PIN code for the App and, if possible, use an advance login method, e.g. 'touch-ID' (fingerprint recognition) or ‘face-ID’ (facial recognition)
  • You should never give others access to your code



  • With your consent, Spiir may collect various information from your financial institution.

4. Collection of data from financial institutions

4.1 With your explicit consent, Spiir may, for your use of Spiir’s Service, obtain information from your financial institution about your transactions. Only information about account names, balances and transactions is obtained. Also see Spiir’s Privacy Policy.

4.2 Spiir can obtain data from most financial institutions but cannot guarantee that this is possible in relation to all financial institutions.


5. Communication between Spiir and the user


  • Spiir can continuously inform you about important information.

5.1 Required inquiries


Spiir can continuously inform you about important information, such as changes to these Terms of Use via the email address you provide when creating your profile, via messages in the Spiir App or via push messages.



  • You can choose whether you want various other requests from Spiir.

5.2 Optional inquiries

5.2.1 In the App and on the Web, you can choose which types of optional inquiries you wish to receive from Spiir. Spiir's inquiries may be based on information about your spending. You can read more about how Spiir processes your personal data in Spiir's Privacy Policy.

5.2.2 Spiir regularly sends you messages about your finances unless you opt out of this. Such messages may be spending overviews, status regarding your spending goals, and the like.

5.2.3 With your consent, Spiir may send newsletters to your email address.

5.2.4 Spiir will send information about new features and other material related to Spiir to your email address, via messages in the Spiir App and/or via push messages, provided you have given your consent for this.

5.2.5 Spiir may ask for your experience with the use of Spiir via requests to your email address via messages in Spiir App and/or via push messages, unless you have opted out of this. If such inquiries in a material way contain marketing material, you will be asked for your prior consent.

5.2.6 With your consent, Spiir may in App send you information about special offers that Spiir may give its users the opportunity to use. Such offers may be based on information about your spending.



  • Spiir owns all rights to the materials on our platforms (app, blog, website etc.).
  • Your data belongs to you, but Spiir can use them to deliver our services to you.

  • You are allowed to use Web and/or App.

  • You may copy and display material from Spiir if you state that it is from Spiir.

6. Rights

6.1 Spiir holds all rights to its Services, including the Web, the App, Spiir’s blog and all other materials on Spiir’s platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrights, proprietary rights, and trademark rights to Spiir’s Service.

6.2 You retain the rights to the material that you provide to Spiir’s Services, but you give Spiir a non-exclusive right to use this material so that Spiir can provide its Services to you.

6.3 As a user, you will receive a non-exclusive right of use to Spiir’s Service, including to the Web and/or the App. Spiir may revoke this right of use at any time.

6.4 As a user, you may copy, distribute and display material from the Web or the App provided you credit Spiir by name. This does not include copying the Web and the App.



  • Errors, defects, and disruptions of service may occur on Spiir, but Spiir will attempt to correct these as soon as possible.

  • When Spiir updates the services, you may find that not all features are available. Spiir will usually inform you of this in advance.

  • Spiir is not liable to you in case of errors, defects and malfunctions.

7. Operations etc.

7.1 Spiir strives to avoid errors, defects and disruptions of service on the Web and the App at any time, but this may occur. Spiir would like to receive information on such matters and will seek to remedy such matters as soon as possible.

7.2 Spiir performs ongoing maintenance and updates on both the Web and the App. During maintenance, certain or all features may become temporarily unavailable. During updates, one or more features may be removed from Spiir’s Service.

7.3 Spiir will, to the extent possible, inform of expected disruptions of service in advance, and notify users of any possible removal of functions. However, Spiir is not required to do so.

7.4 Spiir is not liable to its users in the event of errors, defects, malfunctions or removal of functionality.



  • You can always delete your Spiir profile.

  • Spiir can also always suspend or terminate your use of Spiir’s services and, if necessary, delete your user profile. Spiir will try to contact you in such a case.

  • When your user profile is deleted, all your data will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

8. Termination

8.1 If you disagree with the Terms of Use or for any other reason no longer wish to use Spiir, you can delete your profile at any time.

8.2 Spiir may at any time and without notice suspend or terminate your agreement regarding the use of Spiir’s Service and, if necessary, delete your user profile, for example in cases of unacceptable user behaviour, attempt to abuse other users’ accounts, attempt to access other users’ data or other illegal or improper behaviour. If Spiir suspends or terminates your agreement on use of Spiir, Spiir will contact you via the App or the email address you provided when creating your Spiir profile.

8.3 Deleting your user profile will permanently delete or anonymize all data registered with your Spiir user profile and the data cannot be restored. You cannot make any claim against Spiir if your account is deleted.



  • You can always withdraw the consents you gave Spiir.
  • If you withdraw a consent, some of Spiir's features might not be accessible.

9. Withdrawal of consent

9.1 You may withdraw one or more of the consent(s) you have given Spiir at any time. This can for example be regarding marketing email, retrieval of your account information or the like. Withdrawal of consent may be exercised on the Web or in the App, and you can also withdraw your consent by contacting support@spiir.dk.

9.2 If you withdraw one or more of your consent(s), you will still have access to your user profile on the Web and in the App, but some features may not be accessible.



  • Spiir is not responsible for your use of Spiir’s services.

  • Spiir is not liable if you enter into an agreement with third parties based on offers you have received via Spiir.

  • Spiir is not liable if anything unpredictable happens.

10. Liability

10.1 Spiir cannot be held liable for your use of the Web and the App at any time, including but not limited to any acts or omissions that are made based on information from the Web or the App. Your use of the Web and the App, as well as the use of the information you obtain using the Web and the App, is your own responsibility and at your own risk.

10.2 In cases where Spiir allows users to receive special offers from third parties, Spiir cannot be held liable for any agreements concluded by the user with third parties. This is solely a relationship between the user and said third party.

10.3 Spiir is not liable for non-compliance with the agreement, damage or loss in case of force majeure, which is considered inter alia virus or hacker attacks, crashes or errors in communication systems, power failure, subcontractors' force majeure, and other unforeseen events that Spiir could not reasonably predict or avoid.


Should Spiir, regardless of the above, be liable, Spiir's total liability to a user may never exceed an amount corresponding to what the user may have paid to Spiir for the use of Spiir’s Service within the last 12 months prior to the occurrence of the claim, and never more than DKK 50,000.


  • Spiir can always change these Terms of Use. Spiir will try to contact you. If you do not accept the changed terms, you will no longer be able to use Spiir.

11. Changes

11.1 Spiir may change these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. The latest version is always available on the Web and in the App. You will be notified of changes to the Terms of Use via the email address you provided in your user profile with Spiir, via a message in App or via push message in the App. If you do not agree to the changed Terms of Use, you will no longer be able to use the Web or the App, and Spiir is entitled to delete your profile.


  • The terms were last updated in July 2020.

12. Version

12.1 These Terms of Use were last updated in July 2020 and superseded all previously applicable terms. The terms are valid until new terms are issued.